About Us

Securing all your business connections, whatever the technology.

We help businesses like yours – right across the country – secure their systems, networks and information against the threat of cyber-attacks.

Technology, by definition, doesn’t stand still. So the solutions we offer to our customers are also agile.

Expert solutions from an experienced team

Connect, stay connected and connect securely.

It’s simple, really. We help businesses just like yours – up and down the UK – to connect, stay connected, and connect securely, using all the right technology, at just the right price.

Just Firewalls provide simple solutions to protect your network.

It’s their mission to provide UK businesses with the best and most comprehensive network security solutions without any hidden agendas.

It’s an exciting time to be working in technology.

So About us … Choose us to grow and protect your business. You’ll benefit from a range of innovative solutions to boost performance, minimise downtime and keep everyone connected. Our approach is a no-nonsense one: to make sure you get exactly what you need to help your business run smoothly and cost-effectively, whether you’re selling houses, educating young minds or saving lives (we are proud to support clients in very diverse sectors!). Mobility and remote connectivity are shaping the way every business works. There are more ways to store and share data than ever before. Our priority… is to find out yours. We know which technology solutions will help you make money, deliver better results for your customers, boost efficiency and facilitate relationships.

Technology to suit the way you do business

Talk to us about what you need. We’ve been designing, installing, supporting, maintaining and protecting voice and data networks for organisations of every size and in every sector across the UK since 2006 so we’ve got you covered. Tell us about what you need, and we’ll make it happen. From fortifying your systems and processes to entire network refreshes, securing Internet connections, installing robust phone systems to hosting, cabling and disaster recovery with 24/7 availability, our mission is to make sure you’re supported in exactly the right way. So when you’re looking to support your business with the latest cost-effective technology (backed up by legendary service), talk to us. You’ll benefit from a range of innovative solutions to boost performance, minimize downtime and keep everyone connected. Working with some of the best known suppliers in the world, we have access to brilliant solutions in line with the demands of today’s agile workforce.

Take your business to the next level

Find out about the latest network and internet connection services for your business at Just Connectivity. Protect yourself against cyber-attacks and potential hackers at Just Cyber Security. Benefit from next generation firewalls, secure remote access and managed services at Just Firewalls.

So however you work and whatever you need to help you make the most of technology, get in touch. You can also check out Andrew Starr, founder and MD of Just Technology Group on LinkedIn. Be nice to him. He’s also a certified ethical hacker.