Teams Phone System Integration

Enjoy unified comms with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Unified Comms with Microsoft Teams! Bring your telephony, video conferencing, and text chat collaboration all under one roof with Microsoft Teams Phone system. Unlock Seamless Collaboration with Teams Phone System: Connect, Communicate, Conquer. Keep your existing phone numbers and achieve seamless telephony with no costly hardware outlay.

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Microsoft Teams Phone System

It is a cost-effective, flexible, and easily scalable service that lets you run all phone calling and online collaboration centrally through the Microsoft Teams app. Consolidating your comms through a Teams phone system offers substantial benefits including seamless remote worker telephony, remarkable cost efficiency, precise calling statistics, as well as unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

For minimal initial outlay and a manageable per user, per month cost (that works out to pennies per head, per day!), you can enjoy the future-facing efficiency and mobility of unified communications. And with Just Business Phones, you can be sure of a smooth, hands-off migration.

Future-Proof Your Telephony with Cloud-Based, Unified Communications

Receive and make phone calls seamlessly through Microsoft Teams. Many of us already rely on Microsoft Teams for video conferencing, text chat, and online collaboration. So why not totally unify your communications and run your telephony through Teams as well?

Why Choose a Teams Phone System?

So, what are the benefits of consolidating all of your communications into Microsoft Teams?

  • icon-unified-communications

    Fully Unified Communications

    Operate all telephony, video conferencing, text chat, online voice calling, voicemail, and auto-attendants through one central cloud system.

  • icon-hassle-free-migration

    Hassle-Free Migration

    We will handle the entire migration process, porting all of your existing 01, 02, 03, and 08 numbers seamlessly into Teams, and testing everything extensively before going live.

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    Supports Remote, Distributed Workplaces

    Wherever your team goes, their telephony goes too! All that’s needed to make and receive calls is an internet connection, a device with the Teams app, and an inexpensive mic headset.

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    No Costly Rip & Replace

    No new handsets required! Telephony service is completely provided through internet enabled PCs, laptops, and smartphones, with SIP and SBC functions carried out from the cloud.

  • icon-pennies-per-day

    Pennies Per Person, Per Day

    You read that right – Teams Direct Routing presents significant cost savings compared with other Microsoft calling plans, whilst also making the most of your existing Office 365 or Microsoft 365 licence spend.

  • icon-cross-platform-statistics

    Cross-Platform Call Statistics

    Make informed decisions with detailed, up to the minute analytics about call handling efficiency, behavioural trends, time-to-answer, call outcomes, and more.

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Business Continuity as Standard

In the unlikely event that Microsoft Teams suffers an outage, calling will automatically switch to backup phone numbers of your choosing without missing a beat.

With Teams Phone System, communication and collaboration go hand in hand.


Join The VoIP Revolution before time runs out

You might be quite attached to your current analogue phone system. You may be asking “why switch to digital telephony now?” The answer’s simple: because the UK’s analogue telephony networks are being switched off in 2025.


Digital VoIP telephony is the future

In December 2025, BT Openreach is planning to pull the plug on its nationwide PSTN and ISDN services. All UK landline users will need to switch to digital telephony ahead of the big switch-off to avoid disruption. So digital VoIP telephony is the future of all telephony in the UK, meaning there’s no time like the present to adopt unified communications platforms like Teams Direct Routing.

What you need to start using Microsoft Teams direct routing

  • Microsoft Licence

    A Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license that includes Teams.

  • Phone system licence

    A Microsoft Phone System add-on license.

  • SBC and SIP functionality

    Access to cloud-based SBC and SIP functionality (we can arrange this for you or link in with your own current service)

  • Compatible mic headsets

    Compatible mic headsets for each user and Just Business Phones to put all of the pieces together.

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It’s our aim to keep the UK’s businesses connected in the most technically efficient and cost-effective ways possible, all-in line with their individual needs.

Mobility, remote connectivity, and the pervasiveness of the internet are all changing communications for the better. With this in mind, we closely monitor the latest enterprise telephony, connectivity, and IT products to give our clients cutting edge options and support.

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