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Transform your lift operations and elevate your connectivity.

In the ever-evolving landscape of communication technologies, the importance of upgrading lift lines cannot be overstated. Whether you’re navigating the imminent PTSN 2025 switch-off, seeking compliance with industry regulations, or simply aiming for a seamless and efficient lift experience, you’ve come to the right place.

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    PTSN 2025 Switch-Off: Embrace the Digital Era

    As the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) faces its 2025 switch-off, it’s crucial for lift operators to transition from analogue lines and ADSL to more advanced solutions. This not only ensures uninterrupted communication but also opens doors to enhanced features and efficiency.

    PTSN Switch off
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    Beyond Voice Calls: GSM-Integrated Auto Dialers

    Auto diallers and GSM units are integral to telecommunications and automation, automatically dialling numbers and facilitating communication. Their integration, particularly in security systems, enhances versatility for remote monitoring, enabling GSM-enabled auto diallers to alert users about security breaches or emergencies via calls or text messages.

    GSM & Auto Diallers
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    SOGEA and Fiber Lines: Fast-Track Your Connectivity

    Upgrade to faster and more reliable SOGEA or fibre lines to keep your lift operations running seamlessly. Experience higher data transfer rates and lower latency, contributing to a smoother experience for both users and operators.

    Broadband Lines

The synergy of auto diallers and GSM units exemplifies the evolving landscape of telecommunications, offering efficient and flexible solutions for communication and automation needs.

Lift Line Solutions

Every site will require a survey by a JTG Engineer, this will establish the best solution for each site along with details such as signal level, where lines are connected in the building and access requirements etc.

Survey costs will be priced on a sliding scale.

  • Multi-Network Sims

    This solution will involve installing a 4G router into the property and using a multi-network SIM to utilise the best mobile network in the area where the property is located and to protect connectivity in the event of any issues with a single carrier.

  • Monthly Cost (12 Month Minimum)

    4G Solution including 24/7 Monitoring, Uninterruptible Power Supply, 4G Multinetwork Sim

  • One off Cost

    Initial Installation Cost Per Lift Location (If Lifts are Co-located there will be the ability to add multiple lifts to the same install with a supplemental cost per additional lift of £40.00)

A UPS device will need to be installed to provide power to the router, this comes with a small monitoring device that is capable of performing health checks on the UPS and sending out regular test results via email and alerting if the UPS becomes degraded or goes offline.

  • Broadband (SoGEA/FTTP)

    This solution will involve installing a router into the property that utilises a broadband line via SoGEA/FTTP. Equipment will be provided including an uninterruptible power supply and communication equipment to convert the analogue system into a digital connection.

  • Monthly Cost (12 Month Minimum)

    Sogea/FTTP Installation including 24/7 Monitoring and Uninterruptible
    Power Supply

  • One off Cost

    Initial Installation Cost Per Lift Location (If Lifts are Co-located there will be the ability to add multiple lifts to the same install with a supplemental cost per additional lift of £40.00) Includes Openreach Installation and JTG Installation.

If a survey is required by Openreach a survey fee may apply (This is an Openreach Charge)

All equipment within this solution must be housed in a locked cabinet which JTG can provide to prevent tampering from third parties.

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Elevate Your Lift Operations

In conclusion, upgrading your lift lines is not just about staying current; it’s about future-proofing your operations. Embrace digital advancements, comply with regulations, and prepare for the evolving landscape of communication technologies. Elevate your lift operations with the right connectivity solutions.

Whether you’re navigating the PTSN switch-off, implementing autodialler, or transitioning to faster lines, this guide empowers you to make informed decisions for a more efficient and connected lift experience.

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