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Find out what a Contact Centre solution is and why you need one for your business.

There are many reasons why you would want to use a contact/call centre solution in your business and integrate as part of your phone system. The key three benefits are:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • To be able to improve on customer experience when people contact your business
  • To help your business grow


What is a contact centre?

Call Centres

Contact centres systems are generally virtual / cloud based solutions that enable people to work remotely, either from home or different sites all around the world. This means that businesses can set up in different locations across the world and resource anywhere (so long as they have an internet connection) and calls can be transferred easily across all departments … or countries.

Providing great customer service is a big factor in implementing a call centre solution, along with operating technical support functions. It is easy to allow sales representatives the ability to work from anywhere whilst they are away from the office.

Most contact centre environments have the ability to add multimedia functionality so that agents can pick up calls, emails, faxes, SMS and messenger services. This allows most organisations to adopt an off the shelf solution and adapt this to the business requirements.

With more products and services being serviced in different ways and at different times of the day, a contact centre (or call centre) type of solution is a requirement for most customer facing organisations.


What are the features of a contact centre solution?

Most contact centre systems provide a great level of functionality that can deployed across the organisations. Different providers will have their own unique selling points but generally you would expect to see the following:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – allows you to set up menus to direct calls to specific people or departments
  • Virtual queuing – gives callers the option to leave their number and receive a call back
  • CRM integration – connect your call software with your CRM system to gather data from every call
  • Management tools – supervisors have a clear view of agent activity, making it easy to manage remote workers
  • Call recording – you can record calls for training and monitoring purposes
  • Historical reporting – collect call data that will improve your future processes


What are the benefits?

Virtual contact centre systems have a whole host of benefits over the more traditional systems that have been put in place over the years. Some of these benefits are:

Reporting for Contact Centre Solutions

  • Lower /no upfront costs – buying an on-premise phone system can be costly, especially when you need to buy the hardware upfront and to find a physical space for your call centre.
  • Flexibility – it’s quick to set up a virtual contact centre, and to add or remove agents from quickly. It’s the perfect option for businesses that need to deal with spikes in call volume.
  • Remote access – remote / home workers are more productive than office workers. What’s more, having a virtual contact centre allows you to look at different areas for employee resource and to find the best employees for the role.
  • No location issues – a virtual contact centre allows you to bring together agents from anywhere in the world and can offer customer support and services in any language required.
  • Reduced operating cost – not only is it cheaper to set up a virtual contact centre, the ongoing costs are reduced. Virtual call centre solutions usually charge a monthly per-user fee that is significantly cheaper that other solutions out there.

Now you know the benefits of utilising a Contact / Call Centre solution, the last thing to do is find the one that works for you.

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