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SIP Trunks are flexible and lower in cost for inbound and outbound voice calls.

SIP trunks offer a lower cost alternative (and flexible solution) to ISDN and PSTN lines for inbound and outbound voice calls.  However, you may know this as a Voice Over IP (VoIP) solution.
Traditional ISDN lines are becoming obsolete and any new phone system you would install would be SIP based and connect to your PBX (business phone system) via your internet connection.
Another great reason that organisations utilise SIP trunks, is the cost savings that are involved as the cost per channel is less than ISDN and can include free call bundles. SIP Trunks are flexible in how and where geographic telephone numbers can be used and are easy to install which delivers business continuity.

Savings Saves up to 50% on line rentals and 25% on calls Expensive
Flexibility You’re in control. Add lines, take them away, split calls – it’s up to you This does not offer flexibility
Control Choose how and where you want calls delivered and make changes instantly Changes can take a while
Future Well mapped out and ready for Voice/Data convergence Becoming obsolete – an end of life product
Contingency Handles emergencies with ease. Reroute calls to backup sites in seconds There are limited options available

By utilising SIP Trunks, this offers a scalable solution which  can be used for small organisations right up to large enterprises and contact centres. There are no limits to the number of channels that can be added.

PBX Integration

Added to this, not only can we provide UK based options but we can configure and offer International options too. They are configurable with a number of PBX suppliers, for example:

Although your PBX may not be detailed on this list, we can help test this for you. By switching to SIP trunks, your business can benefit from a less expensive, more resilient and flexible phone service.

The benefits of SIP Trunks

Save money on call costs and line rental – SIP Trunks deliver a less costly and more reliable connection than ISDN over an IP connection. Guideline savings can be up to 50% on line rentals and 25% or more on call costs.
Free internal calls – We love free calls! So even when you have multiple sites you will not need to pay for the calls made internally on the SIP Trunks. This is a great cost saver so that you save on your line rental and call costs too.
Scalability options – SIP trunks are great if you need to move, upsize or even downsize and want to keep your existing numbers.  Having this kind of scalability means that during busy periods, lines can be increased and back down again. Having the ability to add lines, take them away and split calls at any time means you are always in control.
Business Continuity – If you want a phone system that is disaster recovery and business continuity ready, then this is your best solution. They allow you to reroute calls to an alternative location quickly and easily.
Compatible with Third Party applications – In addition to the above, our SIP trunks have been tested to operate with third party applications such as Microsoft Skype® for Business.  By enabling this, it gives the ability and functionality to allow you to directly connect in to the platform to make external calls.

How much will I save?

Potentially you could save a lot of money by moving to SIP trunks. If you have a copy of your latest bill or you know all your details, we can analyse this for you and can document and report what your cost savings would be. Call us on 01204 707146 or email: sales@justtechgroup.com