Cloud phone system – Is it right for my business?

31st March 2019

Should I choose a cloud phone system for my business phones or should I stick with an on premise solution?


Let’s face it. Cloud phone systems are far superior to legacy or some on-premise options and some companies still resist moving their communications to Internet based networks. Usually, the reluctance to change is due to lack of information (or confusing information).

Once the business advantages are understood, the decision to move to the cloud is almost instantaneous. Here’s why:

A Cloud Phone System offers Value Advantage

Although switching to a cloud based phone system has an up front cost, the overall value is clear. Legacy or on-premise systems not only have their monthly fees, but the maintenance costs can be extremely high especially when you need to scale up or upgrade.

With cloud solutions, you only pay for what you use. You never get locked into bulky or narrow SLAs that can’t adapt with you.

Cloud systems are relatively inexpensive to implement and maintain, and updates are typically rolled out with no charge as part of your monthly service fee from your provider.


Integrates Business Operations

When your organisations phone system is connected to the cloud, it allows for much easier integration with other digital aspects of your organisation and internet based access means that mobile workers can stay online from anywhere.

Modern cloud solutions provide seamless integration with most business software, CRM tools, email, instant messaging, voice and video conferencing and this unity translates into improved efficiency and better performance metrics.


Improved Customer Experience

With cloud based phone systems, any business can offer a more personalised customer experience. For instance, automated greetings for different sectors are easily put in place, and new departments can be added quickly.

The cloud allows for optimal call flow management and reduced wait times. Companies can even customise the on-hold experience for different situations.

The results are less voicemails, missed calls and busy signals which leads to more business capture. Also, during peak seasons, users can be added temporarily to meet demand.  The improved visibility on the number of calls and communication coming into the organisation means that business strategy is accurate.


Scale & Relevance

One of the biggest problems with legacy systems is growth adaptation. When you open a new branch or expand, getting the phone system online is always a headache but with cloud based phone solutions, scaling up requires almost zero downtime.

On-premise phone network updates or expansion can take weeks, or even months. The speed of digital, however, allows your brand to keep up with the latest in communication and customer service at all times.


A Cloud Phone System offers Near 100% Reliability

It’s a myth that cloud systems are less reliable than traditional phone networks – in fact, just the opposite may be true. Legacy systems are vulnerable to severe weather or service outage just like any other communication line.

Today’s modern, carrier grade cloud services have become so reliable that they offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

This incredible reliability is thanks to advanced safeguards against power outages, internet interruption or hardware failure.  To add to this, the ability to use mobile applications adds further reliability.



There’s nothing more aggravating than when your phone system goes down. Cloud based networks provide insight into the system that legacy solutions lack.

Managed cloud phone solutions offer troubleshooting service that frees your team to focus on more meaningful tasks.

In many cases, the fix can be made quickly online, without having to wait for a technician to travel to your site.  Often by having a backup connection to the internet, this allows the phone system to be back online quickly without the requirement of third party suppliers.


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