Take your virtual phone number everywhere!

31st March 2019

With our Flex Number, you can have a virtual phone number anywhere and take it with you wherever you go.


Why would I choose to have a virtual phone number?

There are many reasons you would look to utilise our Flex Number service.  From providing online access allowing you complete control of your call routing, management and monitoring tools to helping your business enhance customer service.

Our Flex Number allows simple and comprehensive routing including being able to control how calls are routed on the fly.  This helps improve business efficiency on a day-to-day and emergency basis.

Having a virtual phone number puts you in control. You are not reliant on a network operator or provider to make changes on your behalf or to produce reports or management information for your business.

It also helps to improve customer service, either via an online portal or a mobile app.  You can create call routing strategies and see key statistics.  These show how many calls you have received, and how many were answered or missed. This is key during busier periods, or when the office is closed.


Key features of our Flex Number service.

It can be used with any number, anywhere, from any device. Available on both geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (08/03) numbers and accessed from any web-enabled device through a secure, user-friendly website.

A robust Business Continuity tool. Build an unlimited number of call plans according to business operating hours and modify instantly with changing business needs. You can also apply busy, no answer and network error diverts to ensure you never miss a call whatever the circumstance.

Easy to use. Our virtual phone number system is a jargon-free and intuitive service that will enable you to become very productive.

There’s no capital outlay. No set-up costs means it can be funded out of your operational spend.

Build tailored call plans. Build call plans to suit your business operating hours and modify them instantly, for instance during seasonal retail promotions and peaks. Call routing with a virtual phone number can be scheduled in advance and used to maximise the customer experience.

Call statistics. Easily interpreted graphs of call statistics help you track calls and enhance management reporting. Snapshot data provides results of call handling efficiencies to ensure informed operational decisions can be made.

Call queuing. Our Flex Number lets incoming calls queue to a destination number in your network to help with call handling during busy periods. Live queue statistics enable customer service to be monitored and instant changes to be made to queue management and size, whilst providing optional queue breakout and overflow preferences to an alternative destination, announcement or voicemail service.

Auto attendant (IVR) / announcements. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows file announcements to be uploaded to a call plan as a way of communicating with callers. IVR can be used to provide your callers with routing options and announcements to inform them of details such as opening hours or website address when the office is closed.


Optional features

Advanced call statistics show call handling efficiencies such as productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour to support informed business decisions. Customers can find out how long it takes to answer calls, analyse waiting times, view call outcomes and see caller details.

Scheduled reports providing call statistics for daily, weekly or monthly time periods are automatically sent – saving time and freeing-up managers.

Additional to having a virtual phone number; Call Recording can be used for compliance, customer service or audit purposes.  This is great for businesses operating in regulated environments such as the Financial Services sector.

Call Whisper – A brief message is played to the call centre operative just before the call is taken giving further information on how to answer the call.  This allows for a more tailored response and supports marketing campaign targeting.

Call us today on 01204 707146 or email us at sales@justtechgroup.com to discuss how you can set this up today for your business.